Firmware Update Via SmartCast Wireless Gateway

These instructions will guide you through updating the firmware of your SmartCast® Wireless Network fixtures using the SmartCast® Wireless Gateway.This process depends on the firmware of the SmartCast Wireless Gateway being up to date. To update the SmartCast Wireless Gateway click here.


  • SmartCast® Wireless Gateway with WiFi update file (A download URL for this file will be provided by SmartCast Support Desk in the update announcement.)
  • WiFi network with Internet connection
  • Windows Laptop
  • Time needed: approx. 30 minutes


1. Power on all SmartCast® Wireless devices (SmartCast® Touchscreen, SmartCast® Wireless Gateway with WiFi, and SmartCast® Wireless lighting devices) and verify that they are operating correctly.

2. Connect your laptop to the Wireless Gateway's WiFi:
  1. The SSID of the WiFi network will look like "SmartCast_SWG_44c2".
  2. The WiFi password is located on a label on the back of the Wireless Gateway.

3. Open a browser (Chrome is suggested), and go to :
  1. If you receive a warning that the connection is not private, acknowledge the warning and proceed.
  2. In Chrome, you will need to click "Advanced" and then "Proceed to".

4. When prompted, login to the SmartCast Wireless Gateway:
  1. Username: admin
  2. Password: use the same password used for WiFi

5. Click on the "Administration" tile.

6. Click on the "Device Updates" tile.

7. Click "Update Lighting Network".

8. Click "Confirm" to continue with the update of the SmartCast® Wireless Lighting network.

NOTE: This update may take several minutes.

9. The webpage will indicate when the update is complete.

10. Disconnect your laptop from the Wireless Gateway's WiFi once the update is complete.

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