Create a Dynamic Lighting Profile with SmartCast Touchscreen


The SmartCast Touchscreen provides the user interface for operating Dynamic Lighting with the Cadiant Skylight.  The SmartCast Touchscreen ships with default Dynamic Lighting Profiles to showcase the capability of the feature. The Settings menu of the SmartCast Touchscreen provides the ability to create user-defined profiles. This article provides a walk-through for creating such a profile.

Figure 1. Follow the Sun is an example of a Dynamic Lighting Profile that is packaged with the SmartCast Touchscreen. It simulates the passing of the sun overhead over the course of a day.

Creating a User-Defined Profile

Here are the steps to create a user-defined Dynamic Lighting Profile

1    Press the Settings button on the Ribbon bar to access the Settings Menu.

2    Enter the PIN to access the Settings Menu.

   Press the Dynamic Lighting button to access the Dynamic Lighting Profile page.

4    Press "Add New Profile"

5    Name the new Dynamic Lighting Profile.

6    Press "Add Transition" to edit the first transition

   Set the Parameters for the transition:
  • Start Time: Time of Day when the transition begins
  • Duration: Length of time over which the transition occurs
  • Brightness: Dim Level of Sun Panels when transition ends
  • Color: Color Tuning of Sun Panels when transition ends
  • Sky: Sky toggle during the transition
  • Sky Color: Percentage of color tuning of the Sky
  • Sun Position: East / West distribution of the Sun Panels

8    Repeat step 6 and step 7 for each transition of the profile.

9    Go to the Zones Tab and select the Zones to be controlled by the Dynamic Profile

10    Press Save and Activate to save the new Dynamic Profile.

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