SmartCast Touchscreen Software Update

Use these instructions to update the software of the SmartCast® Touchscreen.


At this point the following devices should be installed and powered on:
  • Cadiant™ Dynamic Skylight - one or multiple
  • SmartCast® Touchscreen
  • SmartCast® Wireless Gateway (SWG) with WiFi
  • Other SmartCast® luminaires to be grouped (optional)
  • SmartCast® Wall Controller (dimmer) (optional)

SmartCast® Wireless Gateway


General description of this process:
The SmartCast® Touchscreen software is updated by connecting the tablet to Internet over a WiFi connection. This could be a mobile phone hot spot or a wireless access point within the building near where the tablet is located. Once the tablet connects to the Internet, it automatically downloads and installs the software from the cloud with minimal user interaction. The user's main role in this process  is to change the Touchscreen's WiFi back to the SWG when the update process is complete.
1.To change the tablet's WiFi connection, navigate to the WiFi page of the Touchscreen application. This is done by starting at the home screen, shown on the right.

Press Get Started.

2.The Touchscreen display will change to the screen on the right.

Press Settings (bottom right of screen).

3.The Touchscreen display will now prompt you to enter the PIN you assigned when you commissioned the SmartCast® Touchscreen.

Enter 6-digit PIN.

4.Select Administration option.

5.Select WiFi and Network option.

6.The Current Network option shows you the WiFi network to which the SmartCast® Touchscreen is connected. Select Open WiFi Settings to connect to a different WiFi network.

7.The SmartCast® Touchscreen now displays the list of available WiFi networks. Select the preferred Internet-connected WiFi network and provide its password if necessary.

Once this connection is made, the software download will occur automatically, taking less than a minute to complete depending on the strength of the WiFi connection.

8.The SmartCast® Touchscreen will indicate when it has completed the update process. At this point, return to the settings page of the Tablet and select Connections. You will see a screen similar to the one on the right.

Select the SmartCast® Wireless Gateway to which you wish to reconnect from the list of available networks (this image shows the original SWG has already been selected).

Now return to the SmartCast® Touchscreen application to verify that the update succeeded. To do this, select the Home button (small square icon at the bottom of the screen.)

9.The list of available applications will be displayed.

Select SmartCast® Touchscreen. (bottom right icon on this sample page)

10.The Home screen of the application will be displayed again.

Select Get Started.

11.The Scenes page will be displayed again.

Select Help icon (bottom row, right center).

12.The Help screen will be displayed.

Verify that the version displayed for the SmartCast® Touchscreen software is as expected (for this example, V1.1.1).

Congratulations! You have successfully updated your SmartCast® Touchscreen software!

To update the Samsung Tablet hosting the SmartCast Touchscreen

To update the Samsung Tablet:

  1. On the SmartCast Touchscreen app go to the Admin section and select Wi-Fi and Network
  2. Click Open Wi-Fi Settings.
  3. Select the available enterprise Wi-Fi network
  4. Back out of Connections until you reach the Settings page
  5. Scroll down until you reach Software Update
  6. Select Software Update and then select Download and Install to begin the tablet update process.
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