Audacy Energy Consumption

INTRODUCTION  provides a visualization and export tool for monitoring energy consumption and system errors. 

Energy consumption is calculated using the data you provided during Luminaire Controller configuration. Load data is pulled from the Gateway, the driver/ballasts, and sensors/switches. Click Reports from the main audacycontrols,com menu

There are multiple options available to utilize the consumption data is stored indefinitely within the system. The user can input voltage, amperage and power factor of the driver - the system will calculate energy consumption via an internal lookup table.

The system errors report provides a listing of devices that have failed to communicate with


The Consumption tab provides graphs that visualize the energy consumption in three ways. These graphs can be scaled to show a range of months.

Usage by Month provides a bar graph displaying energy consumption per month of the selected range.

Usage by Week (Day) provides a line graph describing the total consumption per week if the selected range is greater than 30 days (per day if the selected range is less than 30 days).

All Areas Total Usage provides a bar graph showing total energy consumption for all spaces controlled by the gateway.


To set the reporting scale for energy consumption:

1.  Click the Set Date Range and Spaces button.

2. Click the Start Date and End Date buttons to open calendars to set the date range for energy consumption reporting. 

3. Click Spaces Data to Include button to open a menu of available Spaces to monitor. Click on the radio buttons of the Spaces and press  Select to return to the Set Date Ranges and Spaces Menu.

4.  Press Dismiss to return to the Energy Consumption Screen.


To export an energy consumption report for the current date range:

1. Click the Share button on the Energy Consumption Screen.

2. Click Start Export to begin exporting the data into a CSV file.

3.   Choose how to view and/or save the CSV file.


The ERRORS Tab provides a listing of devices that have failed to communicate with To access the list click on the ERRORS Tab.

The ERRORS Tab provides a diagnostic tool for each error that offers some repair options.

To export the Errors List:

1.  Click the Share button on the Errors Tab to export the Errors List.

2.  Choose how to view and/or save the exported CSV file.

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