SmartCast Configuration Tool Firmware Update


To enable features supporting SmartCast Cadiant installations, a firmware upgrade of the Configuration Tool may be required. Here are the steps for updating the firmware.

Required Items

  • SmartCast Configuration Tool

  • USB-A to USB-miniB cable

  • Computer with an Internet connection

Prep Work

Download the required files for the SmartCast Firmware Update to your laptop. It is preferred to do this prior to arriving at a job site. The firmware package is hosted on the SmartCast Update site as a direct downloadable file at . This zipfile contains all the firmware files required to update a SmartCast site to Maintenance Release V1.18.

To prepare the Configuration Tool to host the update the files:

1. Click on the link in the above paragraph to automatically download the zipfile to your computer. Extract the files x0119202.cef and g0119202.cef.

2.  Turn on the Configuration Tool and connect to your SmartCast network.

3.  Connect the Configuration Tool to your Computer via the USB cable.

4.  Copy the files x0119202.cef and g0119202.cef from your computer to the USB drive of your Configuration Tool.

5.  Disconnect the Configuration Tool from your computer.

Steps to Conduct the Upgrade

To update the SmartCast Configuration Tool complete the following steps:

1.  From the Main Menu of the Configuration Tool press and hold the Back key to reach the System Update Menu.

2.  Select System Update on the System Update Menu and press OK to begin the update.

3. The Configuration Tool will update itself with one of the two files and then restart itself.

4.  Once the Configuration Tool restarts, reconnect to the SmartCast Network.

5.  Repeat steps 1 - 4 to update the Configuration Tool with the second file.

6.   Once this process is complete, the Configuration Tool should be at version 1.19.202 for the Controller firmware and Gateway firmware.

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