Wireless Scene Controller User Guide


The Cree Lighting Wireless Scene Controller with SmartCast® Technology is a five-button wall control station that provides preset controls for up to 12 zones when programmed with the Configuration Tool. Each button can be setup for a different preset control. The presets support light intensity, color temperature (CCT), or both with CCT control requiring luminaires that support adjustable CCT. The Scene Controller fits into a standard wallbox (deep wallbox recommended) and fits faceplates with a standard decorator-style openingMetallic faceplates should not be used with the Scene Controller. The Scene Controller operates with an input voltage of 120-277V, 60Hz and requires a neutral wire connection.

Table of SKUs

Wireless Scene ControllerButton ConfigurationVoltageColor
SmartCast Wireless Scene Controller
5 Buttons with no text (blank)
5 buttons with scene text
5 buttons with color temperature text
5 buttons with custom text
- Requires Custom Text worksheet
120V - 277 V
Neutral Required

Commissioning the Wireless Scene Controller

Via OneButton Setup

The Wireless Scene Controller participates in OneButton Setup as a wall dimmer. During the Learning step, the Wireless Scene Controller will group with the fixtures of the room in which it is located.

Via add to network

To add a Wireless Scene Controller to an existing SmartCast® Wireless network:

1.Turn on the Configuration Tool.

2.Select "Edit Existing" lighting network.

3.Select the lighting network. Wait for the Configuration Tool to discover the network.

4.From the Main Menu, Select "Advanced".

5.On the Advance Menu, select "Add New Devices." Make sure the Scene Controller is powered.

6.The Scene Controller is added to the network and will need to be added to a group.

7.On the Modify Groups Menu, select "Add Devices to Group."

8.Select "Switch Group" on the Add Devices to Group menu.

9.Aim at a device of the group to select the group.

10.Once the group is selected, Press and hold the Top Button to add the Scene controller to the group. Select Done to complete the process.             

11.Go to Main Menu to complete the Add.

Manual Resetting the Wireless Scene Controller

To manually reset the Scene Controller:

1.Press and Hold the top button for approximately 30 seconds until the indicator LED flashes rapidly.

2.Briefly release the top button for less than 1 second. The indicator LED continues flashing rapidly.

3.Press and Hold the top button for 1 second until the indicator LED stops flashing rapidly.  The indicator LED will now flash in the two-blink sequence.

Note:  If the indicator LED does not respond with the two-blink sequence, please repeat the Manual Reset procedure.

Default Scenes

The Wireless Scene Controller offers the following Default Scenes for the Group to which it is assigned.

ButtonLight LevelColor Temperature

Note:  An N/A entry in Light Level or Color Temperature designates no change to the existing Light Level or Color Temperature will occur when the Scene Controller button is pressed.

Assigning Zones to the Scene Controller

Up to 12 Zones can be assigned to a Wireless Scene Controller. To assign a zone to the Wireless Scene Controller:

1.From the Main Menu on the Configuration Tool select "Device Settings."

2.Select "Scene Controller".
Note: A warning message will flash if no Scene Controllers are detected in the network.

3.On the Scene Controller menu, select "Assign Zones"

4.Press and hold any button on the Scene Controller to select the controller.

5.Select "Add Zone" to begin adding a zone.

6.Aim the Configuration Tool at the sensor of a device within the Zone to be added.

7.Select "Done" and return to the Main Menu.

Editing Scenes on the Wireless Scene Controller

To create a scene for the Wireless Scene Controller:

1.From the Main Menu on the Configuration Tool select "Device Settings".

2.Select "Scene Controller".
NOTE: A warning message will flash if no Scene Controllers are detected in the network.

3.On the Scene Controller, select "Modify Scenes".

4.Press and hold the button of the Scene Controller to be modified to select it.

5.Select "Modify scene" to begin modifying the scene.

6.Select the zone to be modified.

7.Adjust the parameters for the scene. Light level and Color temperature can be independently adjusted for each zone.

8.Save the zone settings to the scene, and select "Go to Main Menu" to complete the scene change.

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