Emergency Lighting and IG Series LED Luminaires and KBL Series LED Luminaires with Synapse® SimplySNAP Wireless Lighting Control

Application Note
Rev. Date: 9/29/2019

What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting provides illumination to allow occupants to evacuate a building in situations where regular power is lost.  Emergency lighting can be supplied by dedicated emergency lighting luminaires or by general purpose luminaires that may be controlled under normal conditions.  When emergency lighting is provided by general purpose luminaires, local code may require the luminaires to be automatically overridden in the case of a loss of power.

What is an emergency lighting control (ELC)?

An emergency lighting control (or ELCD, for emergency lighting controller device) refers to auxiliary products and methodologies that enable lights in a building to be automatically activated when there is a disruption to normal power.

Are there specific building codes that mandate how an ELS and ELC should perform?

In addition to local building regulations, codes that describe how emergency lighting should operate includes National Fire Protection Association NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code), the National Electric Code NEC 700 & 701, the International Building Code (IBC), and the International Fire Code (IFC).

What is UL 924 and what does it cover?

UL 924 is UL's (Underwriters Laboratories) safety standard for emergency lighting and power equipment.  It covers Exit Signs, luminaires providing emergency lighting, Battery Banks and Charging Systems, and Emergency Lighting Control Devices like Automatic Load Control Relays.

Are the KBL Series and IG Series with -SWC option UL 924 listed?

Since the KBL Series with Synapse SimplySNAP and IG Series with Synapse SimplySNAP do not include a shunt relay, transfer device, battery-backup, or other ELC technology necessary to be part of an Emergency Lighting System, they are not UL 924 listed.  Both products are designed to easily interface with these devices in the field to enable a code-compliant installation.

Has Cree Lighting tested any emergency lighting control devices (ELCD) with the IG Series with Synapse SimplySNAP control and the KBL Series with Synapse SimplySNAP controls?

Cree Lighting has successfully tested ELC devices from Functional Devices for interoperability with the IG Series and KBL Series with SimplySNAP controls.  These devices are the ESR2401D, the ESR2401B, and the ESRU1C.  This does not mean the other devices will not work.  These third-party devices may also be changed by their manufacturers without the knowledge of Cree Lighting.  These changes may affect the ability of the products to work together.  We recommend that emergency lighting be tested during installation and on an on-going basis to ensure proper operation.

Does Cree Lighting supply emergency lighting control devices?

Cree Lighting does not supply emergency lighting control devices, but they are readily available in electrical distribution.

My project has a generator to supply backup power to the general lighting.  Can I use the override input to force the lights to 100% when the generator is supplying power?

Yes.  Two low-voltage wires are used to signal the luminaire to override to full output.  They may be connected to third-party equipment to provide an override signal to the luminaire.  Do not wire the Blue/White wires to high voltage.  The wires should be capped if not being used.  When shorted the luminaire override to full output.  When open, the luminaire operates normally.

Do I always need to use the override input?

No.  The override input is there should you need it to integrate with other devices for override.  This is most often done to meet a local building code.  If you're not sure if this applies to you, consult your local building code or authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

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